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BIOSBR wastewater treatment plant is made of Ecol-Unicon precast reinforced concrete chambers selected according with the guidelines of German Society for Water, Wastewater and Waste ATV-DVWK A131 and A210. The typical plant consists of: I. Mechanical section:
  • vertical screen in the dry-well pumping station,
  • a screen-grit chamber – an integrated device for automatic removal of screened solids and sand, integrated with a grit washer,
  • an automatic grid at the point of transported sewage discharge.
II. Biological section common for wastewater coming from sanitary sewage system and transported sewage:
  • a raw wastewater dry well pumping station,
  • BIOSBR multi-functional reactor for activated sludge.
III. Settling section:
  • sludge storage and stabilisation ponds (optional),
  • dewatering disc and screw press,
  • sludge storage system with lime dispenser for sludge stabilisation (optional),
  • sludge transportation system.


  • Short development time (assembly of chambers using precast elements).
  • Durability of materials and devices used.
  • Compact construction and small area occupied by the facility.
  • Low number of technological structures – the treatment process takes place in one reactor.
  • Resistance to very low loads.
  • Low operational and maintenance costs and high energy efficiency.
  • High resistance to excessive load of impurities and uneven wastewater inflow.
  • Easy and user-friendly control system, enabling adapting the plant to current needs.
  • Stable and low sludge index volume.
  • Monitored by BUMERANG system (one system for all facilities), which provides complete information about the work of installed devices and helps to optimise maintenance costs.


BIOSBR wastewater treatment plant uses both mechanical and biological treatment processes. Mechanical treatment takes place by screening suspended solids of the vertical screen. Wastewater treated in this way goes to dry well pumping station, together with transported sewage. Then it goes to the next phase of treatment process, which takes place in a screen-grit chamber. Mechanically treated wastewater flows into intermediate pumping station and next to the SBR reactor. Complete biological treatment takes place inside the reactor in several subsequent and automatically controlled phases such as – aeration, sedimentation, decantation and pause. After one work cycle is completed, the reactor starts a new cycle. Aeration process and wastewater mixing process take place using pipe diffusers placed evenly on the bottom of the reactor. Excessive sludge is pumped out from the reactor into the storage chamber from where it is pumped again into the disc and screw press.  


Wastewater treatment process used in BIOSBR wastewater treatment plant is based on biological wastewater treatment using activated sludge, which enables complete reduction of any organic substances, sediments and biogenic substances such as nitrogen and phosphorus compounds. Thus treated wastewater meets the regulations stipulated by Polish provisions of law.   image1 image2 Fig. 1. Ecol-Unicon BIOSBR wastewater treatment plant
  • Small and medium size towns
  • City districts
Operation and Maintenance
  • Operation of the wastewater treatment plant is fully automatic and controlled using BUMERANG system. Maintenance is limited only to periodic inspections.
Tab. 1. BIOSBR wastewater treatment plant technical specifications
  Equivalent Number of Residents Maximum Wastewater Load Throughput Size Power supply specification for technological process
BOD5 COD Zog Nog Pog Daily Wastewater Flow Qd Occupied Area Installed Capacity Energy Consumption
[kg/d] [kg/d] [kg/d] [kg/d] [kg/d] [m3/d] [m2] [kW] [kWh/d]
500 30.0 60.0 25.0 3.8 0.8 50 1250 7.5 50
1000 60.0 120.0 50.0 7.5 1.5 100 1650 9 75
1500 90.0 180.0 75.0 11.3 22.5 150 1950 10 105
2000 120.0 240.0 100.0 15.0 3.0 200 2150 15 130
2500 150.0 300.0 125.0 18.8 3.8 250 2300 19 190
3000 180.0 360.0 200.0 30.0 4.5 300 2700 24 230
5000 300.0 600.0 250.0 45.0 7.5 500 2900 31 330
10 000 600.0 1200.0 500.0 90.0 15.0 1000 3900 60 660
There is a possibility to adapt the size of the wastewater treatment plant to the individual needs of the users.