Wojciech Falkowski

President and CEO of Ecol-Unicon Sp. z o.o., President, CEO and Owner of Ecol

A graduate of Gdańsk University of Technology at Faculty of Hydro Engineering (1986). Driven by determination and passion for nature and environment protection he founded PUH Ecol, which operated on sanitary engineering market. Consistent development of the company resulted in a merger with a Danish company Unicon, thus creating Ecol-Unicon with his as the President of the Board. Within 20 years, he has developed a company with branches all over Poland, employing over 300 people and selling its products to many countries around the world.

From 1990 to 1995 has was the chair of Gdańsk division of Junior Chamber International and from 1996 to 2007 he was a member and later the president of Lions Club Gdańsk. He was also a founder member of a renowned Tricity development company Ekolan S.A. and ATA company –  a tour operator known for original active tourism as well as and business  tourism programmes held in Poland and Europe.

Privately, he is an admirer of nature and outdoor sports – mountain climbing, sailing and scuba diving. Both professional and social fulfillment, as this is the way he looks at all activities connected with environmental protection, give him the feeling of happiness and satisfaction.


Tomasz Radziwanowski

COO at Ecol-Unicon Sp. z o.o.

He is full of engagement, has drive and belief in human capabilities and constantly raises his qualifications. He graduated from Gdańsk Technical University, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He enhanced his knowledge at WEB Universities reading Project Management. He has an unlimited civil engineering and construction licence for supervision of design and development. He gained professional experience by working as Construction Engineer at Kappa PB during the development of Galeria Przymorze shopping centre in Gdańsk and also as Project Coordinator at Menard Polska during the development of the South Ring Road of Gdańsk – soil treatment. From 2011 he was Project Coordinator at POLEKO Sp. z o.o. being responsible for the development of many construction investment projects. Being Contract Director at POLEKO BUDOWNICTWO Sp. z o.o. he supervised the construction of Ułanowa street and the bridge in Jaktrowo.

Observing the speed of change of today's world he is aware of the need to protect natural environment for the benefit of future generations. However, he treasures family most.