Delivery of Modular concrete precast chambers DZB in Lithuania


Location: Lithuania

Ordering Company: UAB Prespa

Date: 2022



The project concerned the construction of a DZB DN 6000 retention tank for fire-fighting purposes.

Our client in this case was a company located in Lithuania, dealing with the distribution of various types of cereals. The project was implemented thanks to our representative in Lithuania, UAB Prespa.

This is our first project, delivery and installation carried out entirely by Ecol-Unicon outside Poland. It represents a milestone in the development of the company’s activities on foreign markets, as we have already delivered not only the product itself, but the same range of services as on domestic territory, and the assembly itself took us only two days.

The tank measures 10m x 6m, with a capacity of 174.5 m3. Inside, it is divided into 2 parts by a wall that acts as an overflow baffle. Thanks to the baffle, the larger parts that enter the tank are retained in the first chamber, then the water overflows into the second chamber, from which it is pumped out through pumps located on the tank lid.