An innovative neutralization system waste disposal hall in Tczew


Location: Tczew

Ordering Company: Town municipality of Tczew

Date: 2017


The ventilation, dust removal and deodorization system implemented for the Sorting Hall at the Solid Waste Utilization Plant in Tczew is the first such system in Poland, and probably even in Europe.

It all started with months of research conducted jointly with the Department of Toxicology of the Medical University of Gdańsk. Air composition analyses were carried out in the Sorting Hall as well as 

on its roof, in a research model specially constructed for this purpose.

These studies, in addition to the precise determination of chemical compounds in the air, were designed to select the most effective active carbon mixture that would be used for the deodorization phase.

Signing of the Innovation Partnership agreement with town municipality of Tczew took place on April 7, 2017.

It was then that the second phase of the project began, i.e. the assembly of the devices. The concept was prepared by Dr. Andrzej Staniszewski. It assumed the installation of 3 independent systems, each of which consisted of a ventilation, dust removal and deodorization system.

The assembly was completed with the acceptance tests and the commissioning of the equipment, which took place on 19 July. On the same day the so-called zero tests were performed together with the Gdańsk Medical University. The entire project entered the final phase, that would focus on research allowing the final adjustment of the activated carbon mix.

Ecol-Unicon, as the General Contractor, engaged its partners: SCROL, which carried out the assembly of devices, and BIOPRO, which was responsible for the research.

The system consists of three independent systems and several stages of research and testing enabling individual adjustment of the system.

Technological solutions included in the ventilation, dust removal and deodorizing system:

Modernization of ventilation, carried out by the implementation of three independent systems, including a new system of channels ensuring at the same time effective collection and removal of dust and selected odorogenic substances, the total length of the channels is over 160m.
Dedusting devices – execution of 3 independent systems ensuring efficiency up to 60,000 m3 / h.
Neutralization of odors and selected toxic substances – construction of three independent devices ensuring the removal of odors and toxic substances. After dedusting the polluted air from the hall, it is directed to the bed, where it is cleaned as it passes through a material that neutralizes odors and toxic substances. The flow of dust-free air is realized by blowers installed in the ventilation-dedusting-deodorization process line. The neutralizers are filled with two types of bed in a total amount of 36 m3.