Many years of experience in water treating, research and technology development have enabled us to design devices which effectively eliminate volatile organic and inorganic chemical substances. Active anti-odour filters are individually designed and adapted to the actual conditions of the facility it will operate in.


  • competitive price
  • individual design according to Client's requirements
  • very high effectiveness of removing odourous and toxic compounds
  • reliable operation
  • easy maintenance
  • low maintenance costs
  • resistant to temperature changes and daily changes in the amount of sewerage
  • resistance to corrosion and chemical compounds activity
  • unburdensome for the environment.


The device is composed of a chamber (made of concrete, steel, composite laminate or PE-HD) filled with filter bed (biological material or activated carbon) and forced convection system (a fan). Additionally, depending on the filtering technology used, the devices can also be equipped with air and biomass humidifying system (a conditioning system). The size of filter bed used, which determines the size of the chamber, depends on the amount of treated air and the volatile impurities concentration.

All materials used in the construction of anti-odour filters are resistant to the activity of chemical compounds, weather conditions and UV radiation.


Tab. The construction of Ecol-Union active anti-odour filters depending on the type of filter bed used

Filter bed type Activated carbon  
Chamber's body Glass fiber composite laminate, PE-HD, steel, concrete
Forced convection system Fan
Conditioning system N/A Air and, heater’s control system
Technological media Power supply Power supply and water



Ecol-Unicon active anti-odour filters work by letting air through the filter bed, which neutralises volatile impurities. The filer bed inside the device has excellent filtering effectiveness in removing odours and toxic substances. In case of using biomass filter bed odorous substances are removed by a specialist microorganisms, while in devices with activated carbon the absorption process of chemical compounds in done by a properly impregnated activated carbon filter. Clean air is directed straight into the atmosphere.

The proper neutralising technology of odorous air depends on conditions on site. In case of any doubts related to selecting the appropriate device Ecol-Unicon experts will conduct the on-site inspection, identify the possible problems and choose the best method or system for removing odours.

The high effectiveness of air treatment and adaptation to all conditions as well as design solutions enable using active anti-odour filters in facilities such as:

  • sewage pumping stations
  • wastewater treatment plants (preliminary settling tanks/septic tanks)
  • composting plants
  • waste sorting plants
  • food processing facilities
  • poultry farms
  • expansion wells and percolation systems
  • manholes.

Odours from wastewater treatment plants are most strenuous. In order to neutralise the unpleasant smells coming out of such facilities it is necessary to use anti-odour filters which task is to deodorise toxic substances.


Active anti-odour filters are maintenance free devices. The Client is only required to supervise the continuous work of the fan. Complete servicing of the device is advised to be performed by Ecol-Unicon authorised personnel.