Our Passion Is More Than Just Business – It’s the Art of Water Treatment

At Ecol-Unicon, we create solutions that make the aquatic environment cleaner and safer. Our products, from pump stations to intelligent management systems, contribute to better water protection.

Our Offer

At Ecol-Unicon, we offer a wide range of products that are crucial for effective water resource management. Our pump stations, tanks, and separators are just the beginning. Each product is the result of our deep technical knowledge and commitment to innovation. In addition to equipment, we also provide comprehensive advisory and maintenance services. Our consulting helps clients choose the best solutions, tailored to their unique needs and requirements.

  • Pump stations and pumping plants
  • Separators and settlers
  • Concrete tanks
  • Odour neutralisers
  • Management and monitoring
  • BIOFIT wastewater treatment plants

Meet Us

Ecol-Unicon is a company with over 30 years of history in innovation and commitment to the protection of the aquatic environment. Our team is a well-coordinated group of specialists and engineers, who share a love for environmental protection. Thanks to our extensive experience, we create solutions for sustainable development. Every project is an opportunity for us to protect our planet and improve the lives of future generations.

We have four modern production plants, that are the heart of our operations and ensure the high quality of our products. We have implemented hundreds of projects, both in Poland and abroad, delivering reliable solutions for our clients’ diverse needs.

Why Us?

Innovation and Setting Standards
Ecol-Unicon is a leader in the industry, setting standards of innovation, especially thanks to our dedicated R&D department. Our innovations are key for sanitary designers, investors, and contractors, who seek advanced, yet proven solutions.

Advice and Technical Support
At Ecol-Unicon, we place great emphasis on professional advice and technical support. Our team of technical-commercial advisors is ready to assist at every stage of the purchasing process, from selecting the right equipment to its installation and operation.

Speed and Efficiency
Quick turnaround and efficient service are key values for Ecol-Unicon. Thanks to the fact that standard products are available in Ecol-Shop within 5 days, we can quickly respond to our clients’ needs, even in the event of breakdowns or urgent projects.

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