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MEcol-Unicon is a producer of high-quality chambers made of concrete and reinforced concrete that can be used in rainwater, sanitary and industrial sewage systems. Many years of experience in different construction industry branches and advanced technology used have enabled us to design functional and reliable production solutions. High-class materials and constant quality parameters monitoring at all production facilities guarantee high quality of product, resistance to any kind of damage and ability to be used in difficult soil and water environment. All products have all necessary certificates and comply with rigorous construction norms.

The durability and dead load of concrete are the advantages of using concrete products, which guarantee long life of the whole construction. Ecol-Unicon offers a wide range of chambers, which basic reference is their internal diameter (Dw).


Ecol-Unicon chambers



Ecol-Unicon concrete chambers is a group of precast elements of circular cross-section and internal diameter



EU chambers with a reducing cone


EU chambers with a cover slab

(Dw) 1000÷3000 mm. Concrete and reinforced concrete elements of the chamber are made of vibropressed concrete (according to PN-EN 206). All elements can be made according to individual Client’s needs e.g. using elements of lower absorbability with bevels or offsets (water buoyancy footing lips). Precast elements are joined using rubber seals, water-resistant cement mortar or epoxy resin. Elements of diameters (Dw) 2000÷3000 mm can additionally be joined with bentonite sealant.

Every chamber, regardless of its type, consists of a flat base element, an extension element and a cover element (Fig. 2). It can also be fitted in adjustment rings, a manhole (according to PN-EN 124) and access steps (according to PN-EN 13101). The chambers can also be fitted with an inlet chamber base of measurements suitable to the direction and diameter of pipes connected to it. For inlet-outlet connections leak-tight connections are used.

Chambers that are set up to 10 m below ground level does not need special foundation and does not need static calculations. In case of high level of ground waters anti-buoyancy bottom should be used. In case of load bearing ground the chambers should be set on 15 cm thick C8/10 class concrete substructure or on a well-compacted layer of gravel (e.g. sand or sand and gravel mix).




certyfikat EPD


The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Type III underscores the supreme ecological standards of our products. As the pioneering company in the water and sanitation industry, Ecol-Unicon ensures products of unmatched quality and commitment to environmental responsibility, thus fulfilling the requirements of EN 15804 and ISO 14025 standards.


EU Manholes

Manhole covers of certain size and load class are the top element in mostchambers and tanks (Fig. 3). Their task is to provide access to the device during installation process, servicing or maintenance. The required manhole cover class (according to PN-EN 124) depending on the place of its location should be specified in the project or order. Manhole covers made of PE-HD or stainless steel can also be used. It is permissible to use such manhole covers in areas which are not overrun by road traffic or pedestrians. The dimensions of manhole covers fit the opening in the concrete element. (Tab. 4, Fig. 4).


Chambers are used as:

  • inspection chambers, backdrop manhole, measurement, installation or incepting chamber;
  • housing of pre-treatment devices (settling tanks, separators, pre-treatment chambers and pumping stations);
  • dry chambers (housing of pumping stations, hydrophore plants, water meter chambers);
  • reservoirs (rainwater or potable water);
  • septic tanks;
  • fire water tanks;
  • gate valve chamber;
  • wastewater separation chambers;
  • liquid manure tanks.


An example of manholes usage: