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Pumping stations produced by Ecol-Unicon use a pumping system composed of one or many pumps. What distinguishes EPS  from other products on the market is the highest quality of components used and effective selection of pump units from different producers. Our knowledge and a team of engineers with many years of experience make Ecol-Unicon pump stations one of the best on the Polish market. We also provide specialist pumping station servicing.



Advantages of pumping stations

  • simple construction – easy maintenance and operation
  • the possibility to use pumping units from different producers – effective operation of the pump station
  • long life of the device provided by using components of the highest quality
  • the possibility to be installed in overrun areas.

Pump stations produced by Ecol-Unicon are individually designed according to the client’s technical specifications. A typical EPS pump station consists of:

  • the chamber
  • hydraulic-mechanical equipment
  • the pumps
  • automatic control unit with manual control option (Chapter: Monitoring Systems).



Why are dry-well pumping stations a superior solution to traditional pumping stations?

EPS pump stations are comprehensive devices ready to be installed in communal and industrial sewerage networks for sanitary and precipitation rainwater.

Depending on the type of pumps used they enable to pump different type of sewage: rain, communal, containing fibrous materials, solids etc. A set of pumps usually composes of one, two, three or four pumps. EPS pumping stations are fully automatic and are controlled by control devices.

EPS pumping stations meet all PN-EN 12050-1 requirements and can be installed both inside and outside buildings (as local or network pumping stations). EPS pumping stations can be used where gravitational wastewater drainage is impossible. They prove useful in difficult terrain conditions, where ground water level is too high or where the distance of the wastewater treatment plant from the disposal site is too big.


EPS wastewater pumping stations are fully automatic. Their maintenance is limited to periodic inspections, taking care of the technical condition of the devices according to their Operation and Maintenance Documentation and following operation requirements presented below.

  • The time between inspections should not exceed 1 year.
  • Inspections should take place more often in case of any problems with power supply occurring or when the wastewater flowing into the pump chamber contains large amounts of solids like rags, sand, etc.
  • All maintenance activities have to be noted in Pumping Station Maintenance Manual.