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Years of experience in wastewater treatment, research and technology development have enabled the design of equipment to eliminate volatile organic and non-organic chemicals.

Active anti-odour filters – ADVANTAGES

  • very high effectiveness of removing odourous and toxic compounds
  • safe performance
  • simple operation
  • easy maintenance
  • low operation costs
  • insensitivity to temperature changes and daily variations in sewage volume
  • resistance to corrosion and chemical agents
  • no nuisance to the environment.


The device consists of HDPE chamber, resistant to UV radiation and atmospheric conditions and characterised by high resistance to corrosive hydrogen sulphide vapours. The chamber is filled with a neutralizing bed, with an active airflow forcing system – the fan and the power supply and control switchgear.

The chamber interior is divided into two parts, separated by a perforated grate made of HDPE plate, on which a woven polyamide mesh is placed. The air inlet is a pipe with a bare end. The chamber is equipped with a drain valve for condensate, which is produced by chemisorption of volatile sulphur compounds on the carbon bed.

Active anti-odour filters



OPERATION OF Active anti-odour filters

The operation of Ecol-Unicon active neutralisers is based on passing air through a carbon bed where contamination is neutralised. The bed filling the neutraliser has excellent properties of removing odours and toxic substances. Additionally, the control system allows for adjusting the rotational speed of the fan motor. It is also equipped with a motor circuit breaker, allowing to disconnect the device from the power supply in case of service work and fault removal.

Neutralisers effectively eliminate odours and toxic substances (odorous and odourless, toxic to humans), which are generated in sewage infrastructure facilities during the transportation, storage and treatment of sewage.

High efficiency of air treatment and design solutions adapted to all conditions make it possible to use active neutralisers in places such as:

  • sewage pumping stations
  • dry-well sewage pumping stations
  • waste water treatment plants
  • composting plants
  • waste sorting plants
  • expansion wells and infiltration systems


Maintenance of the unit consists of regular inspection of the condition of the fan, cables, electrical contacts and switchboard fuses. When operating the appliance with the nominal fan output, it will be necessary to replace the carbon charge once a year. It is recommended that maintenance work on the entire unit be carried out by an authorised Eco-Unicon service team.