25 Years of Passion in Every Drop

Ecol-Unicon was founded in 1996 by joining Ecol Sp z o.o. (51%) and Unicon AG (49%). The company operates composed of two business units: Production and Device Sales and Engineering Design (which includes servicing and maintenance). The company has a well-developed advisory and commercial network with branches in major Polish cities, 3 precast concrete production and device production plants – in Gdańsk, Łódź and Ruda Śląska and also Automatic Control Production Plant in Radom.


The Art of Water Treatment

The objective of the company’s operation is improvement of water quality, which is vital for the life of every society. Thousands of effectively working devices, professional engineering designs and intelligent solutions used in stormwater, sanitary and waterworks operation give ecologically rational effect. The goal of Ecol-Unicon is not only reaching business goals – it is the Art of Water Treatment.

The main advantage of Ecol-Unicon’s products is their easy installation and maintenance as well as the possibility to adapt to difficult urban, soil and water conditions. Our devices are constantly modernized and adapted to constantly changing European norms. Most of them have CE certificates, proven by appropriate tests.

Our offer includes the following product groups :

  • Rainwater products – DZB reinforced concrete chambers used for retention, pre-treatment, reuse of rainwater and meltwater and regulation of water flow, ESL and ESK oil separators, EOW settling tanks and EU chambers
  • Pumping products – EPS pumping stations, ETS wastewater pumping stations together with modern odour neutralisers
  • Wastewater treatment plants – communal and industrial, based of effective BIO technologies (BIOFIT, BIOCOMP, BIOSBR, BIOFLOW).
  • Anti-odour filters
  • Supporting products – DZB modular prefabricated tanks and reinforced concrete chambers, EST grease separators 

All our products are supported by Bumerang, an intelligent control and management system. It allows constant monitoring of main data for transportation, treatment and reuse of wastewater and managing of maintenance processes. Using Bumerang system results in notable savings such as reducing retention loss (in stormwater drainage systems).

The added value for our partners is knowledge and experience in water environment protection that our engineers share with them at every stage of the investment. Innovative technologies guarantee installing high-class solutions and devices as well as professional maintenance and operation services. What makes us different is the intelligent management methods used in managing a single facility as well as complex stormwater drainage, sanitary and waterworks systems. We provide individual solutions that suit our Clients’ needs.


All that we do starts from identifying our Customer’s needs…

  • We deliver complex design solutions that suit to our Customer’s needs and preferences paying attention to specific environmental requirements.
  • We provide dedicated technical consulting throughout the whole investment process.
  • We deliver professional maintenance services for proper functioning of devices and limiting operation failures.
  • We offer engineering implementation for high-budget investments.
  • We carry out technological startups and provide coordination of initial operation of the facility.
  • We manage maintenance of devices as well as stormwater drainage, sanitary and waterworks systems.
  • We guarantee presale service and post-sale support.

… all that we do ends with an optimal solution and improvement of water environment.