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Monitoring and remote operation of devices installed in sewer networks are an inseparable element of modern water and sewage systems that enable economic and easy operation management. It stems mainly from the need to:

  • limit operation costs through minimising the need for local facility monitoring and more detailed maintenance scheduling;
  • increase the ecological safety by reducing the reaction time of maintenance teams in case of a failure.

Data obtained through monitoring systems not only supports daily system operation but can also be used to plan future development and operation.

Monitoring and remote control installations delivered with devices produced by Ecol-Unicon can cooperate with other devices within the same sewage network. The monitoring and remote control systems are flexible and are selected according to Client’s expectations.

EU-AL Alarm Systems

EU-AL alarm systems are based on indicators, which by means of sensors enable constant monitoring of selected parameters of water and sewage devices. They are used in single-standing as well as network devices.

Particular components and accessories the alarm system is composed of should be selected individually:

  • choosing an indicator – type of power supply and GSM module option
  • sensors configuration – according to the monitored parameter.

 The indicator processing the signal coming from the sensors placed inside water and sewage devices and enabling control and visualisation of its parameters through:

  • diodes on the main panel
  • PC software – connection: a computer unit–indicator via a USB cable
  • a text message (indicator with a GSM module)


The main advantages of this systems are:

  • monitoring of almost infinite number of devices
  • mobility
  • giving custom names to the devices
  • event log register for all devices
  • remote turning off of the acoustic alarm in the device.


Reading and transmitting the data is carried out by means of sensors installed inside water and sewage devices. All sensors used by Ecol-Unicon are resistant to aggressive effects of wastewater. They can be installed in explosion hazard zones with intrinsically safe circuits.

  • Overflow sensor informs about exceeding the level of wastewater table determined by the operator, which may result in wastewater flowing out of the device. It is most commonly used in separators, settling tanks and non-tidal chambers.
  • Petroleum derivative/grease level sensor informs about exceeding the level of oil/grease inside separators determined by the operator
  • Sediment level sensor informs about exceeding the level of sediments inside a chamber determined by the operator
  • Limit switch informs about opening of a manhole or closing a sluice (a text message).

Optionally, a separate installation equipped with its own indicator and a gas detection sensor can be used to inform about the high level of hazardous gases (methane, hydrogen sulfide and other) inside the device.


Tab. 1. EU-AL signalers configuration

230V power supplyxx 
Uninterruptible power supplyxx 
Battery power supply  x
Additional solar power supplyxx 
SMS/monitoring EU-AL xx
PC software xx
Overflow sensorxxx
Oil/grease level sensorxxx
Sediment thickness level sensorxxx
Limit switch signaling opening a manhole xx





EU-AL alarm systems application – used in both single-standing as well as network devices