Dry well pumping station for investment in Piła


Location: Piła

Ordering Company: Z.U.H. “Hydraulik” B.M. 

Date: 2020


Construction of a water supply network and sanitary sewage system as well as sanitary sewage system extensions on the streets: Kamienna and Granitowa in Piła.

Dry well pumping stations with a 2-pump system with a capacity of up to 200 m3 / h. The capacity of the pumping station 14-33 l / s.

Retention module with dimensions:

  • module diameter = 2.60m
  • Module height = 1.63m
  • The pumping station is equipped with:

  • Chamber – made of HDPE. There is a hole in the cover equipped with a cast iron manhole cover
  • Retention module – entirely made of HDPE. There are inspection hatches in the upper part of the module, enabling interior inspection, service, cleaning, while the pumping station is in operation.
  • Inlet and outlet piping with a diameter of 100 mm
  • 2-channel solids separators are located inside the retention module
  • Pneumatic system consisting of a compressor, air preparation station and pneumatic valves
  • Pumps (2 pieces) – mounted vertically outside the retention module. Pump protection degree IP 68. Pump operation – alternating.